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We are very grateful for friends like yourself who have a personal interest in the work God is doing in inner city Sacramento. Yes, it is God’s work we are simply servants in his vineyard. We are blessed to be able to share with you the opportunity to help kids who have been born into seemingly hopeless situations.

Bringing Hope and Structure

If you were to spend a day with us visiting our neighbors you would probably be taken back by the lack of hope. People do not try to help themselves simply because they have lost hope. Seeing countless children growing up in these situations breaks your heart. Thinking about the the future for these innocent souls commands your attention.

People without hope quickly lose any sense of purpose and direction. The difference between right and wrong gets blurred. What is to become of children who grow up in a home without purpose and direction?  Without intervention, these children will go through life regarding every day with the same pointless drudgery they were brought up in. More importantly then how they go through life is the question, where will they spend eternity? Is somebody going to touch these lives with the light of Christ?

Would you like to be part of Streetlight Ministries? You can make a difference in someone’s life.

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