Kid’s Club

Every Saturday at three o’clock, the Lamp Post becomes a hub of activity as eager children arrive in anticipation of fun projects and time with their friends. We do a variety of projects including painting, stringing beads, and seasonal crafts. Of course there are bonus points if the project includes candy or food, like making pancake animals or gingerbread houses! It’s so fun to see the personality of each child reflected in their creations! After the children have finished their projects it’s story time. We share a simple Bible story with them and sing songs together. Then we head to the tables, for what may possibly be their favorite part of the day, snack time! Kids Club is a great way to build relationships and get to know the children on a personal level. It’s an opportunity for us to share God’s truth through Bible stories. We don’t know all the hard things these children may be facing or the confusion they may be feeling from the world around them. If we can provide a safe place for them to come and feel cared for, that makes it worth all the effort!