Life Skills Classes

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn basic skills. These classes allow us to teach those basic skills while building lasting relationships. Each class includes a character lesson or Bible story and a snack.

Cooking Class

We meet twice a week for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Each time, we make something different, and review or teach kitchen concepts such as using measuring cups, following instructions in a recipe, or proper meat handling. The girls love taking their accomplishments home to share with their families. For the last class, we host a final banquet where the girls invite their families to show what they learned.

Sewing Class

How do you thread a needle?

How do you tie a knot that will hold a cross stitch?

How do you sew buttons on a shirt?

These are some of the questions that we discuss in sewing class. We teach them how to embroider a pillow, knit a neck scarf on a loom, and sew buttons on a t-shirt. The girls always enjoy the fun activities and we enjoy the opportunity to maintain friendships. In celebration of their accomplishments we host a party for the final class.

Art Class

God’s creativity and beauty are displayed in the things He has made. We wanted the girls in our neighborhood to learn to see it, enjoy it, and be creative! This class provided an opportunity for that, as girls practiced a variety of artistic skills. We saw the girls’ talents as they painted a starry night sky, cut and folded paper, sketched birds, and modeled tiny things out of clay. Art class was a great way to chase away the winter blues.

Shop Class

A hammer, a screwdriver, and a tape measure are basic necessities in any boy’s life. Surprisingly, many boys around here have rarely used these basic tools. So we set out to change that fact. We built a wall, added electrical outlets, screwed on drywall and completed it with paint. Tearing apart small motors and teaching basic car maintenance ended our shop class. The classes proved to be both interesting and challenging! Even in the most chaotic moments, there was no question that the boys were learning and enjoying the class.