Monday Fun Night

On warm summer evenings in Logan Park, the sounds of children at play drift across the tennis court, past the swimming pool and over the footbridge which connects the two sections of the apartment complex. If you join the meandering procession of strollers and mommies you’ll soon find yourself seated near the outskirts of one of the playgrounds, surrounded by Afghan women talking and laughing about their day. Young children swing and play tag while bigger boys play soccer. Some evenings, peppy Mexican music starts up and a group of people start a choreographed dance.

Every Monday evening during the warm months we make our way over to the tennis court with something fun for the neighborhood children. Sometimes we bring giant bubbles, other times we organize running games, potato sack races, or contests. Dozens of children spill onto the tennis court and join in the fun! When the activity is over, we sit with the women and chat or play endless games of tic-tac-toe with little ones using chalk on the pavement. Monday Fun Night has proved to be such a natural and wonderful way to bring something valuable to the community and give us opportunities to connect outside of classes.